Everyone’s A Suspect

It’s a small town and somebody has been murdered. Everyone is a suspect.
Including everyone at this table. *Especially* everyone at this table.

A competitive storytelling card and dice game. For 3-5 players. By Kristin Firth.

In this game you will make choices about how to allocate dice in order to help you and the other players gain interesting cards, which let you add elements to this murder story. The goal of this murder story is for every main character to seem incredibly suspicious, without the murderer definitely having to be any one character, up until the end when the murderer is revealed.

Work in Progress!
This is a game that I am still playtesting and developing. It was originally created for Game Chef 2015.

If you’d like a copy to give it a shot get in touch and I can send you files. As a preview, here are the original Game Chef version Setup Cards – Everyone's A Suspect Setup Cards.pdf