Gamer Improv Workshops

I have been an improviser since before I played role playing games. There is a ton of overlap between the two! For the last few years I have taught improv workshops for gamers at gaming conventions..

Some sample workshops are below.

Failing Fabulously (Previously offered at Big Bad Con and Gen Con)

This improv workshop is all about having fun with failure! (Or, as it is sometimes called: “playing to lose”)

About instructor: Kristin Firth is a veteran improvised theater performer, director, and teacher. She put together some of her favorite improv games and exercises from over the last 10+ years to build a workshop targeted at a specific gaming skill – being able to fail fabulously.

About workshop: As humans who are hard-wired to care about self-preservation, that instinct can carry over into our games leading us to want our characters to always do well and accomplish things. The goal of this workshop will be to attack that instinct and emphasize that failure can be fun too! Sometimes the best thing for the game or the story isn’t good for your character, but “bad” for your character can be super fun and interesting for you, the player. To help us experience that and work on quashing those self-preservation instincts, this workshop is full of exercises where you are losing, dying, having bad stuff thrust upon you, etc. – but in a totally fun way!

In this improv workshop we will all be participating and moving around, so wear clothing you will feel comfortable in. Complete beginners are absolutely welcome! Every game we play will be expected to be new to most folks and thoroughly explained.

Improv for Gamers (Previously offered at Dreamation.)
(Note: This workshop will be offered under a different name in the future, to avoid overlapping names with my friends at

There are a lot of similarities between improvisational theater and role playing. We will take advantage of that and play with some improv exercises focused on the things you need as a gamer. Have fun while developing your creative instincts and building scenes together. Kristin is a veteran improv performer and teacher and will be leading this workshop, which is appropriate for any experience level – including beginners!