The Warren: City Park – by me!

The Warren is a really fun game where you play intelligent rabbits who have terrible rabbit things happen to them. It was created by Marshall Miller and is being released by Bully Pulpit Games!

At Origins this year I came up with the idea of a custom world setting for The Warren based on Central Park in NYC. Eric Mersmann partnered up with me and we developed the idea together and got to playtest it at Origins.

The Warren is currently being funded on Kickstarter and our world — City Park — is a stretch goal!

About The Warren:

A tabletop RPG about intelligent rabbits making the best of a world filled with hazards, predators and, worst of all, other rabbits.

About City Park:

The park is the Green. It is surrounded on all sides by the Gray, but the Gray is no place for decent rabbits. The Green sometimes gets overrun with humans but they don’t come to the park at night, or when it rains or gets too cold, so really there’s plenty of time for rabbits. You just need to stick to the Green and avoid nice days, and you’ll be sort of okay. You might also want to avoid whatever weird new thing the humans are doing to the Green, and keep a look out for Animal Control, and the feral cats, and the birds of prey that hunt at night… But other than that, it’s really a great place to be, really.